Need For Extreme

Need For Extreme 3.3

Top-down racing game on a straight road

Avoid the traffic, the other obstacles put on your path as well as the opponents who try to knock you off the road and win the race. Drive over bonuses to get extra lives, speeds boosts, machine guns and more.

Nice arcade car race game. Need for extreme is a very easy game to play witch task is to finish first. This game in the main screen allows you to start the game, to display options, see high scores, help, web and exit game. As options you can display full screen, music, sound and select a country. The game presents adrenaline with obstacles and opponents that makes you crash. You will find some bonus at the road like guns, hyper motor and life. In order to control and navigate the car all you need is your keyboard, arrow keys move your car left and right, up accelerate, down will break and space bar will fire a gun. The game will challenge you with time and the opponent will do everything to beat you. You will find different obstacles like speed bumps, barriers, death stops, spikes, pools, stones, cracks, and rabbits, so be careful to choose the right way to keep running and finish before your opponents. Speed, obstacles and opponents will increase if you reach other levels, but you need to finish first to continue playing.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Fun action race


  • Moves are too basic
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